Stinkbug Control & Removal

Stinkbug Control & Removal

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Stink bugs are oval-shaped and large insects. These are members of insect order Hemiptera and also a member of the Pentatomidae Family. These insects obtain their common name particularly from odor of chemicals which they produce in their abdomen glands. Most scientists suspect that this odor may be their defense or shield against predators.

Depending on species, the adult stink bugs can actually reach about 2 centimeters in length. The bodies of stink bugs are also wide. These creatures can fly pretty well and can keep their wings folded on their back when they touch the ground. Stink bugs’ longer legs tend to extend from the side of their bodies.

Stink Bug Removal  

Stink bugs feed from whatever green leafy plants that they find convenient. These creatures often prefer fleshy parts of the fruits but these can still adapt to certain conditions as plants on late seasons start to lose moisture. There are some types that are known to survive and exist in arid climate in wooden plants or cacti but opt for commercially raised and irrigated crops which are grown within the region.

Stink bugs cause damages to crops resulting to spoilage and early decay. Aside from pin-prick piercing that result to blemishes, these insects tend to inject digestive enzyme as well which causes discoloration since these spread all through the vascular system of the plants. If given the choice, these pests will likely choose fruits than the spoilage. They are said to be opportunists and will instantly feed on what is readily available including stems and seeds.

Damages on cabbage as well as other green leafy crops are apparent in beige and gray blotches. The corns attacked by pests also have dark spots on their stalks as well as deformed ears and missing kernels. The fruit skins will reveal browning where the stink bugs were fed and the tomatoes shows darkened bruise within the sport where these pests have injected their proboscis.

Stink bugs are also considered as annoying household pests. These can damage and even destroy hone gardens and can also invade the home and cause discomfort and inconveniences.

How to Eliminate of Stink Bugs

There are actually many different ways on how to effectively get rid of these annoying stink bugs. If you wanted to completely eliminate the presence of these pests at home, you can consider the following ways:

  • Prevention

Prevention is still the ultimate key to get rid of stink bugs. As much as possible, prevent their entry especially during fall. Once these insects have entered your home, you can expect for the worst. Also, there aren’t lots of treatment options for this. One of the easiest ways to remove them in case they already made it inside your home is to use a vacuum cleaner but the vacuum cleaner might take on the bad smell of stink bugs.

  • Mechanical Exclusion

This is also one of the best methods to stop stink bugs from invading or entering your building or your home. The cracks around the doors, windows, utility pipes, sidings or even behind the chimneys or underneath wood fascia as well as other openings needed to be sealed using top quality silicone caulk. The damaged screens on windows and doors should also be replaced or repaired. Some homeowners spray their home exterior before the fall season and this provides them with added layer of protection.

Professional Stink Bug Removal Service-One of the Best Methods of Treating and Eliminating Stink Bugs

For home and building owners, stink bugs are real nuisances especially if these insects start to enter your home during cold weather to seek warmth and survive the winter. Stink bugs are also considered as agricultural pests causing serious damages to crops which further give stress and headache to farmers. The damages caused by stink bugs also results to huge losses. The damages caused by stink bugs are mostly felt by growers of peaches, pears and apples.

To effectively get rid of stink bugs, it would be best to opt for professional Stink Bug Removal Service. Professional stink bug control specialist can give you integrated, safe and effective pest management solutions which may include treatments within the perimeters of your home or your buildings. This specialist also offers advice on the right sealing up of potential entry or access points. Regular inspections are also being carried out to determine if there are possible infestations in the future.

Commit with the Best Pest Control Company for Effective and Successful Stink Bug Removal Service Results

Whether you are dealing with stink bug infestation or you simply want preventative services, the best pest control company will provide you with the expert advice and solutions for stink bug removal and control. Committing with a trusted and professional company specializing in stink bug removal service will ensure that you will get the results you desire.

The most reputable, experienced and knowledgeable company will treat your property and will remove stink bugs in the premise using latest and most effective approach and removal solutions. A professional stink bug removal company will use only the best methods to prevent as well as manage unwanted stink bug infestations. Their preventative solutions will also create effective treatment zone within your property in order to keep stink bugs exactly where they belong.

The Advantages of Using Professional Stink Bug Removal Service

There are many known advantages of using professional Stink Bug Removal service. One of these is convenience. A professional stink bug control specialist will do the hard job of eliminating these pests for you. A reliable stink bug removal service also benefits your health since you and your family are being saved from illnesses that are caused by the harmful bacteria carry by stink bugs.

So if stink bug infestation is a serious problem, do not hesitate and waste your time. Use only the professional stink bug removal service offered by the most trusted pest control company in your area and you will surely get the best results. With the help of this company, you will no longer have to deal with stink bug problems anymore.

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